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Are you considering laser hair removal but can’t find the right time to come in for treatment? While any time of the year is ok (although summer is not recommended), while your skin is hibernating behind long sleeves and pants may just be the best. Keep reading to see why winter is the best time to do laser treatments Reston.

Laser Hair Removal Season

Laser hair removal season is generally considered to fall between October and April.

Most professionals will recommend that you seek laser hair removal services during this time in order to ensure the most effective treatment sessions for the best results.

Sun Exposure

Laser hair removal can only be performed on skin which hasn’t been affected by the sun.

This makes the cold winter months an ideal time for your treatment as you are often bundled up and out of the sunshine.

Similarly, sun exposure following a laser hair removal treatment can cause irritation and even become more prone to UV damage.

Let it Grow

The preparation for your laser hair removal treatment is such that you are forbidden to pluck, wax or use any hair removal method on the desires treatment area.

The winter months generally require that your body is covered more than it would be in the warmer seasons.

This makes the growing stage of the laser hair removal preparation easier to hide.

A Better Timeframe

Laser hair removal generally requires a few months and treatment sessions until your desired results are accomplished.

Most patients see optimal results after four to six treatment sessions.

Generally, treatment sessions are recommended to be spaced one month to six weeks apart.

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