Dr. Colombo was incredibly generous with her time, listened to all my concerns and answered every last question. Not once did she appear to feel rushed or inconvienced, a rareity for today’s medical professionals. I was able to get am appointment within the same week, which is ALSO a rareity with specialists. She was kind and her advice was helpful but realistic. I look forward to continuing under her care and you should get in quick. From the looks of the packed waiting room, she may not always be this accessible as business is booming!

Colleen L.

Dr. Colombo is great. Nice bedside manner and genuine. I followed her from Alexandria to Reston. John D.

For a first visit I was very impressed. She was efficient but thorough as well as very attentive.

Keith G.

She is very quick but does a good job in analyzing issues and obviously knows what she’s doing.

Diana P.

The office was extremely busy, but the ladies at the front desk were friendly, efficient, and helpful. I’m so impressed. The nurse and doctor were very prompt and answered all my questions. They reviewed my skin cancer check notes from last year, making me feel like this office is actually keeping an eye on me, instead of saying someone somewhere should keep an eye out for skin cancer signs. I’ve recommended to several friends. They’re great!

Sonja S.

Everyone we encountered was very nice from the front staff to the doctor. The wait time was minimal and the doctor was quick yet thorough.

Ashley E.

Dr. Colombo is an excellent physician. I did considerable amount of research before I went to her several years ago, have had many appointments and am both impressed and satisfied. She gets results. She now treats my entire family, and all are pleased. My wait time always seems reasonable. I like the electronic reminders for appointments. Other personnel, whether medical or admin are knowledgeable, really helpful, always polite and most importantly, efficient. My experience has been entirely positive for myself, my family members, and friends whom I have referred.

Susan S.

I’ve Dr. Colombo several times she is very friendly and attentive. I’ve seen her for dysport and I’ve had a good experience with that.

Maria Pilar P.

I had a fantastic experience at Integrated dermatology of Reston. From the medical assistant that brought me back, I believe her name was Mikayla, to Dr. Colombo who evaluated me – everything ran smoothly. They communicated very well and helped me with the issue I originally came in for. I had one problem getting my prescription. I called the office and they were so quick to respond and resolve the it. I’d definitely go back.

Pedro Paulo

I visited Integrated Dermatology of Reston recently. The staff is nice and efficient. Dr. Colombo is very professional. I was out of there in under an hour with my follow-up scheduled.

I would visit Dr. Gurney because it was convenient. With Dr. Colombo the place has gotten a face lift and they are becoming a lot more efficient.

Will G.