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Kybella Reston

Kybella has one very specific and powerful claim to fame. It’s the first and only injectable that actually permanently destroys fat.

Specifically created to destroy submental fat (below the chin), Kybella is the innovative solution from Allergan (the same folks who brought us Botox) to deal with the dreaded “double chin.”

How Does It Work?

Kybella uses a natural occurring molecule in the body known as deoxycholic acid to destroy your fat cells. Dexoycholic acid is what your body typically uses to absorb fats — it’s normally found in the bile produced by your liver.

That’s the most important part about Kybella. Kybella doesn’t just get rid of fat — it permanently destroys it. While traditional dieting and exercise can go a long way in reducing the size of fat cells, fat reduction methods like Kybella actually kill fat.

Why does this matter? Essentially, the shape of your body isn’t just determined by your total fat content. Everyone’s genetics differs from person to person, and someone with less fat overall may distribute more fat in problem areas.

This is why you can lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and even diet, but still not see that last 20% of results. Treatments like Kybella are meant to help you get that last 20%.

Specifically, Kybella gets rid of the fat under your chin, permanently recontouring your body.

Am I a Good Candidate for Kybella?

Fat reduction treatments are best for individuals whose weight is relatively stable.

These treatments work best in conjunction with traditional diet and exercise. It should be noted that treatments like Kybella are NOT weight loss treatments, but fat reduction treatments whose main aim is to recontour the body.

If you’ve lived a healthy and active lifestyle but feel that your chin fat is recalcitrant, Kybella might be the product for you.

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