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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Growth

PRP hair growth northern virginia


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the next generation of non-invasive solutions for hair restoration and growth in Reston, Northern Virginia. If you know anything about hair loss, you know the basics of how it works: due to aging and hormonal changes in both men and women, hair is lost and over time the hair follicles die.

PRP is a type of skin rejuvenation that involves harvesting your own blood plasma, concentrating it and infusing the scalp or skin with the mixture. You can have just a topical application or with a microneedling device. Instead of chemicals or lasers, you’re typically using physical implements — rollers or needles.

Microneedling P.I.N. procedures tend to be a little less invasive than their counterparts, slightly shorter in length, and more affordable; they’re the lower tech side of skin rejuvenation.

So, what’s PRP for hair growth, and how is it changing the hair loss game?

PRP for Hair Growth Compared to Hair Transplantation or Drugs

For one thing, PRP has a huge advantage over the drugs or hair transplants of yesteryear to treat hair loss because they can cause significant side effects or are very expensive.

Whether topically applied or applied using Collagen P.I.N. microneedling the PRP solution can be absorbed into the hair follicle and stimulate regrowth of hair. PRP with a dermal roller does have an advantage to help the solution penetrate deeper into the scalp.

The serum makes all the difference

More than that, though, PRP takes advantage of the quirks of the body’s healing process to deliver concentrated growth hormones from your body to your scalp.

You see, PRP for hair growth spikes because your body contains the natural substances to stimulate hair growth. However, these hormones aren’t always readily available for your hair follicles.

Therefore PRP applied to the scalp topically or with the microdermabrasion of Collagen P.I.N. actually evolves into Micro-Channeling, where the puncture points become absorption channels for the PRP.

The result? A synergy between the hair rejuvenation process and the uptake of the PRP, where the overall healing process is synergized and facilitated.

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