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Do you know what it means to qualify as medical grade skincare near you?

With so many skincare lines on the market, it can be difficult to understand which products are the best for you.

What Is Medical Grade Skincare?

When a product is labeled to be medical grade this means that they contain a higher concentration of the active ingredients that make them efficacious.

Products with a higher concentration of these active ingredients are only able to be carried by a medical professional as they may not be appropriate for all patients.

What is Over the Counter Skincare?

Over The Counter (OTC) products do not include ingredient concentration information which makes it impossible to know how effective they may be.

Because of this, many patients find themselves seeking a medical grade alternative after OTC products are not able to provide their desired treatment results.

Less Is More

Due to the highly concentrated nature of medical grade products they often require less product itself to effectively treat a skin condition.

This means that although these products may boast a higher price tag than OTC skincare, a smaller amount may be required to achieve a patient’s ideal results.

This is important to consider when deciding if you are interested in medical grade products as a solution for whatever skin conditions you are suffering from.

Which Medical Grade Products Are Best for Me?

In order to know which medical grade products may be best for you, you will want to work with a professional in the industry.

Your doctor will be the best person to consult about your skincare concerns and health history to identify the best products for you.

Where Can I Find Medical Grade Skincare Near Me?

At Integrated Dermatology we pride ourselves in providing exceptional cosmetic service to our patients.

We carry a range of medical grade skincare products to help our patients with many of the most common skin concerns.

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