Lasers, lasers, lasers! It seems like they’re involved in everything when it comes to cosmetic treatment, but every type of laser seems to be at the very center of skin rejuvenation.

So when it comes to a new laser treatment for glowing skin, each new technology always has to face one very big question: what’s this one do that the others don’t?

VBeam is no different, though it may be your laser of choice if you need a quick, painless fix that’ll work for a number of conditions.

Gentle and Multipurpose Acne. Rosacea. Fine Lines. Wrinkles. Broken Capillaries. Sun Spots.

There’s any number of things people might not be happy with when it comes to their face. And there’s treatments for all of these things.

One of the miracles of lasers is that by stimulating collagen production they can work on a number of these at once. The same basic principle applies to all of them (stimulate healing without actually damaging the face) but the distribution of energy, the depth, the penetration–all these differ from laser to laser.

The VBeam Perfecta sends micro pulses–dividing them up so that it can send higher energy pulses. It also pairs these micropulses with a cooling spray, both for the safety of the procedure and the comfort of the patient.

The result is an eminently gentle procedure that covers all of your bases — providing general and total skin rejuvenation, with a short-term glow and more focused and significant work on longer-term skin conditions.

The benefit is the gentleness of the laser and the relatively low downtime — to the point that you can do the procedure up to a week before a big event. That’s not too bad for a laser treatment!

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