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With the start of the pandemic, millions of people started working from home and avoiding social situations. While this led to a drop in sales for make-up and clothing industries, the same can’t be said for plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. Having extra time at home has actually boosted cosmetic procedures. Let’s look at the top post-COVID cosmetic trends.

Top Post-COVID Cosmetic Trends

Top Trends

If Zoom calls made you realize your appearance isn’t where you want it, you’re not alone. Many patients are seeking treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, PRP therapy for hair loss, Kybella for double chin, facial treatments to combat “Maskne” and body sculpting and contouring treatments to combat gym closure and quarantine weight gain.

Nothing but Time

With so many people working from home, people have more time than ever to take advantage of cosmetic procedures that would have otherwise required them to take a few days off work. Normally, the lack of time for healing would have prevented many people from getting a desired treatment. Now, the downtime isn’t really an issue.

More Aggressive Treatments

With the downtime issue out of the way, many patients are choosing to undergo more aggressive treatments. Even non-invasive treatments may result in visible bruising, causing many people to hesitate. But now that people are working from home and not going out much, they are jumping at the chance to have their treatments without worrying about the bruising or flaking.

More Play Money

With the decline in going out, many people have more disposable income to put towards cosmetic treatments. While there has been a rise in plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast implants, there are also many non-invasive cosmetic treatments to choose from that will give you a slimmer, more sculpted appearance.

All About the Eyes

Not surprisingly, many patients are focused on the appearance of their eyes. Thanks to masks, this area of the face is under heightened scrutiny and many people are turning to Botox and under-eye fillers.

Under the Mask

While the mask brings attention the eyes, it hides a lot as well. Many people have undergone work around their nose or lips because the mask hides any bruising and discoloration while things heal.

Cosmetic Trends Post-COVID

If you have been waiting to get a cosmetic treatment because you didn’t have time or didn’t want people to see the healing process, now is your time. Don’t wait any longer, contact Integrated Dermatology today to learn more!