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It’s a new year which means it is the perfect time to investigate the best skincare habits as recommended by a top dermatologist in Reston, VA.

Below are the products you should be looking for to complete your ideal skincare regimen in 2021.


The first step of any good skincare routine is to cleanse your skin!

Most top dermatologists recommend a light and gentle cleanser to keep your skin healthy and happy.


A toner is a great tool to balance the pH of your skin.

This is especially ideal for patients who have acne-prone skin.

For patients with sensitive skin, hydrating toners can soothe your skin without irritating it.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C serums are the latest trending skincare must-have as they work hard to reverse any damage that your skin goes through due to pollution and UV rays.

Eye Cream

One of the first areas where the signs of aging begin to show is around the eyes.

Talk to your dermatologist about the best eye creams to combat aging, and even to address dark circles and puffiness.


The best way to protect your skin barrier is to use moisturizers each day and each night.


Many patients are surprised to learn that sunscreen is not just for the summer sun!

Talk to your dermatologist about the best everyday SPF that can protect your skin all year round from harmful UV rays.

Best Skincare Habits in Dermatologist Reston: What to Buy

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