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Teledermatology Northern Virginia

An inside look into teledermatology during COVID-19 is essential to ensure the success of your business.

In fact, regulations surrounding telemedicine in general have been adapted by the government to allow healthcare professionals to service their patients during this global pandemic.

Below is an in-depth look regarding how teledermatology can help you best serve your patient population.

Does My Dermatology Practice Qualify?

As long as you are treating a patient in the state identified on your medical license there should be no reason why you cannot perform teledermatology services.

However, you should always research your state laws as they apply to your practice.

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing you should do is to get updated on all of the new guidelines provided by the American Academy of Dermatology in regards to teledermatology practices.

Once that is clear, you should visit our website to sign the consent form for telemedicine, which will then prompt you to schedule your virtual appointment.

How Do I Code Teledermatology?

There are now new codes to identify the different methods for virtual visits.

That means whether you call, video, text, or email a patient, you should be able to code it accordingly.

What About Private Payers?

There has been much misinformation surrounding coding telemedicine visits in identifying which codes will be covered.

Because of this, the AAD is always asking that you help provide consistency for insurer coverage by reporting your findings to privatepayer@aad.org.

Teledermatology at Integrated Dermatology of Reston

At Integrated Dermatology of Reston, we are thrilled to be offering teledermatology services to our patients who need us during COVID-19.

Please visit our website today to see available times and book your video appointment with one of our dermatology professionals.

Feel free to contact our office online or give us a call at (703)437-7744 if you have any further questions.