Guide to Skincare Reston

There are any number of skincare products on the market in Reston, VA, making it hard to choose which is right for you.

We have taken the guess work out of it and created a regimen specific to each decade of life to give you the best complexion at any age. 

Skincare for People in their 20s

This is the best time to develop good habits and help preserve your youthful glow. The one skincare product that can really help with this is sunscreen.

It is important to protect your skin from sun damage so apply it regularly. A good moisturizer is also crucial. 

If you suffer from acne, like many women do, but notice that it has moved from the upper face to the jawline, you are probably experiencing hormone related acne. You need a less aggressive treatment to prevent over drying.

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The Basics

Cleanser- You should wash your face twice a day, especially before bed and never sleep in your makeup. Choose a non-soap face wash to avoid stripping the natural oils of the face.

For dry or combination skin, try using a creamy cleanser. For oily skin use a cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. 

Moisturizer- Choose a moisturizer with broad spectrum protection and SPF 30. We also recommend a moisturizer that has titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Its good to store your moisturizer next to your toothbrush so you will remember to use it. Apply it to face, neck, chest and ears. 

Bedtime Routine- A peptide serum that contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid may help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. If you have sunspots from sun damage, or have acne, use a product that contains retinol. 

Skincare for People in Their 30s

During this time you may notice a duller complexion because of slower cell turnover. Regular exfoliation should be a part of your skincare routine. If you are in the sun a lot, you may begin to notice dark spots, loss of elasticity, and an increase in fine line.

It’s never too late to start protecting your skin from sun damage. You may also start to notice sagging lower eyelids and crow’s feet during this decade. 

The Basics 

Cleanser- Using a gentle cleanser twice daily will continue to protect the natural barriers of the skin. For dull skin, use a cleanser with hydroxy acids. This will increase cell renewal and give you a more luminous complexion.

You can also use a mild facial scrub a few times each week to help. 

Moisturizer + Serum- Continue to use a broad spectrum, SPF 30 hydrator. For even more protection you can use a vitamin C serum underneath the moisturizer. This will also help with hyperpigmentation. Choose a serum with 15-20% L-ascorbic acid. 

A facial oil is another great way to moisturize. It gives you good glow and plumps the skin, temporarily diminishing fine lines. 

Bedtime Routine- You should focus on repairing the skin around the eyes. A cream with retinol (collagen building), niacinamide (anti-aging), or caffeine (anti-inflammatory) is a good choice.

A retinol cream for the rest of your face can help prevent wrinkles.

Skincare for People in Their 40s

For women with fair skin, sun damage and hyperpigmentation are probably showing up during this decade. For dark skinned women, fine lines and wrinkles usually begin to show.

Hormone related acne or premenopausal dryness are also common during this time. 

The Basics

Cleanser- A gentle creamy cleanser is a good choice. Use it morning and night. If you have occasional pimples, try a cleanser with salicylic acid. 

Moisturizer + Serum- Choose a serum that is rich in antioxidants, like vitamin E or C, to help protect and repair skin. To add a boost to your eye cream, use a specialized serum with epidermal growth factors. This will stimulate collagen production.

As always, use a broad spectrum, SPF 30 moisturizer on top.

Bedtime Routine- A prescription retinoid will prevent sagging by boosting collagen and elastin. These creams are anti-aging, but they also help reduce acne. 

Skincare for People in Their 50s

During this time you may notice thinner skin and sagging. Weight loss can create a sunken look, bone loss around the jaw can result in jowls, wrinkles and fine lines deepen, hyperpigmentation increases, and skin may become flaky and dry.

The Basics

Cleanser- Dry skin is more susceptible to damage. To protect the skin’s natural barrier, use a cream moisturizing cleanser designed for sensitive skin. 

Moisturizer + Serum- Begin with a serum that contains resveratrol, vitamin C or E, or green tea. Next, layer on your broad spectrum, SPF 30 moisturizer. To reduce redness, try Mirvaso.

Hyperpigmentation may be minimized with creams containing 2% hydroquinone, kojic acid or phytophenol. 

Bedtime Routine- At this stage, you want to focus on repairing and moisturizing. Use a rich cream with peptides at night. You could also use a retinol cream or prescription retinoid.

If the retinoid causes dry skin, reduce the applications to 3 times per week, or try mixing it with a moisturizer when applying.

Remember to always apply night cream to your neck and the retinoid cream to the backs of the hands and the chest. 

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