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Skin Cancer Screening Northern Virginia

There are many questions that come up once a patient has been told that they require a skin cancer screening: what you should expect, why it’s important, how long will it take … the list goes on.

Today, we offer an insight into your many questions surrounding the skin cancer screening process so that you can go in to your screening session feeling prepared and confident.

What is Skin Cancer Screening?

Skin cancer screening is the process where a medical professional meets with you in order to scan your skin visually for any signs of skin cancer. 

Why is Skin Cancer Screening Important?

Skin cancer effects thousands of people across the country every day.

In fact, every 1 in 5 patients in the country will experience skin cancer at some time in their life.

By visiting your doctor for regular screenings, you can ensure that any signs of skin cancer are addressed early in order to begin treatments at first sign of abnormalities. 

How Long Does a Skin Cancer Screening Take?

You should generally expect your screening session to take about 10 minutes.

What Areas Are Checked During a Session?

Your doctor should usually scan your entire body during your session.

However, if your doctor must check you in a public place, you can expect them to inspect areas such as your face, neck, arms, and hands in order to respect your privacy.

Schedule a Skin Cancer Screening in Northern Virginia

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