Discounted BotoxDermal filler horror stories abound, and you’d think at this point people would learn not to go cheapo on the one thing that they really shouldn’t: their body.

But Tracie Samara’s discounted filler story shows just how easy it can be to fall for these traps.

The typical plotline goes like this: aspiring beauty wants cosmetic treatment, but doesn’t want to spend too much extra cash and goes overseas, only to find a doctor who isn’t really qualified to do the treatment.

Samara’s story is different: she won a contest that offered something most people wouldn’t turn down: free facial rejuvenation.

And Therein Lies the Trap

The fact of the matter is, bad doctors using bad product aren’t going to just hold up signs announcing their lack of credentials.

It can be easy not to think twice about things like this. If it’s a contest, that makes it official, somehow. It doesn’t raise the alarms and stops us from doing our proper research.

And while there’s not going to be a Botox contest in the paper everyday, it bears mentioning how we might fall for a similar trap ourselves, not doing proper research on our doctors.

Bad practitioners exist, even in the United States. These kinds of practices stay afloat for a reason: they know their targets and they know how to disguise themselves.

And, in fact, perhaps some practitioners don’t know any better.

But malevolent or not, the damage is done. If you want to go for cosmetic treatment, you have to do your due diligence. That means looking up their basic credentials.

Talking at Length

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