If your dad is suffering from a receding hairline, he might not like to admit it. And even if his pride may not let him say so, there’s a good chance it bothers him.

That’s why PRP for Hair Growth could be one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can give.

How’s It Work Exactly?

You might be wondering what differentiates PRP for Hair Growth from a product like Rogaine.

Platelet Rich Plasma is similar to Rogaine in that it extends the Anagen phase of hair growth in the follicles. Essentially, platelets are, as you learned in school, what clots up your blood when you get a cut or an injury.

They’re filled with growth factor — proteins, molecules, and compounds that signal to your body that it’s time to grow.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a distilled and purified derivation of blood. Centrifuges are used to get Plasma filled with platelets filled with growth factor so that it can be applied to the scalp — and signal to your follicles that it’s time for your hair to enter or stay in a growth phase.

When this happens, collagen production ramps up in your follicles — creating more hair and thicker hair.

While the two products are extremely similar, the advantage of PRP over a treatment like Rogaine is that Rogaine can cause dryness in the scalp.

What’s Treatment Like?

Injections are administered at regular periods for up to two years. As time goes on, the injections are spread further and further apart. Just a few treatments of PRP can cause 30 percent hair growth in areas that were thinning out.

It’s a great option for dad, if dad is suffering from a receding hairline due to male pattern baldness.

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