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There are many reasons why millennials are flocking to fillers in Northern Virginia. 

With the growing popularity of social media and the recent de-stigmatizing of injectables, fillers have become the hottest new addition for the younger generation’s beauty toolbox. 


Social media, Instagram in particular, has become a platform for injectors to share their work with the viewing public. 

Similarly, influencer marketing has made visits to the dermatologist or aesthetician a fashionable task and has encouraged many millennials to seek these services for themselves.  


While injectables were once considered only accessible for the rich and the famous, they have recently become a more viable option for the everyday woman. 

In fact, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has reported a 40.6 percent increase in Botox injections in the last five years alone. 

Preventative Care

Fillers have been growing in popularity among millennials as a way to prevent the need for plastic surgery in the future. 

Notable celebrities such as Lisa Vanderpump are active advocates for injectables as one of the secrets for her ageless look and she credits them as a reason to avoid the need for excessive plastic surgery as she ages. 

Let’s Talk About It

Many doctors have noticed that while dermal fillers and plastic surgery alike were once considered a taboo topic, the younger generation seems to be more open to sharing their experiences with their friends and family. 

As a result, millennials are supporting filler treatments as a normal and even desirable addition to their anti-aging regimen and encouraging their friends to join the movement. 

Natural is In

Finally, as aesthetics trend more towards the gracefully-aged look and millennials are seeking the services from their doctors to enhance their look with fillers without looking overdone or plastic. 

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