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IPL Northern Virginia

If you are bothered by sun spots or broken blood vessels and tired of trying to conceal them, IPL in Northern Virginia may offer a safe, effective, and non-invasive solution.

The sun’s harmful UV rays can wreak havoc on skin, resulting in aesthetic and medical issues. Skin discoloration is one of the most common cosmetic concerns associated with sun damage and can cause skin to appear uneven and dull.

Here’s everything you need to know about IPL for sun damage, including how it works and treatment benefits.

What is IPL?

IPL, also known as Intense Pulsed Light or photofacial, is a non-invasive treatment designed to reduce skin discoloration. It’s often indicated for unwanted redness and hyperpigmentation on the face, neck, hands, and chest.

How Does IPL Work?

IPL employs a broad spectrum of light to target and selectively eliminate hyperpigmentation and redness. As energy is absorbed by hemoglobin in red blood cells and excess melanin in the skin, it’s converted to heat and removes damage.

Why Consider IPL for Sun Damage?

Chronic sun damage typically appears as sun spots, fine lines, and broken blood vessels. IPL is uniquely designed to eradicate discoloration and achieve healthy and youthful skin, without harming surrounding skin or structures.

IPL is also an extremely quick and comfortable process. Depending on the size and location of the treatment area(s), an IPL treatment can be performed in 30 minutes, over your lunch break.

Additionally, many women and men choose IPL for sun damage because it is completely non-invasive and requires zero downtime. Immediately after the procedure, patients are free to resume all normal activities, without any disruption to their schedule.

Best of all, IPL effects can be seen after the first session, for clearer and radiant skin.

How Many Treatments Are Recommended?

Prior to undergoing IPL in Northern Virginia for sun damage, you will have a thorough consultation with Dr. Colombo, and she will create a customized treatment plan, including the number of recommended sessions.

With that being said, a series of 3-4 treatments, spaced 3-4 weeks apart, is often needed to achieve optimal outcomes.

Interested in IPL for Sun Damage?

If you are considering IPL for sun damage, please contact our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Morgana Colombo.