You look tired–but you aren’t necessarily.

If you’ve ever faced the problem of the unwanted sympathy of well-meaning people who are unintentionally throwing shade on the shade under your eyes, then you know the pain of individuals who suffer from dark circles under the eye.

The Eyebag Issue

If you have these dark circles under the eye chronically, don’t worry. That’s a pretty typical thing. There’s no reason to believe your health is going–at least not from bags under the eye.

They are, however, a big pain if your main concern is that you want to look bright and chipper to the world.

These bags exist as a function of fat deposits. If you tend to deposit more fat underneath your eye than normal, as well as have hollow cheeks, then people are going to notice these bags very readily. Many individuals turn to blepharoplasty to reduce the fat underneath their eye.

But for those of us who don’t quite want to go so far? Dermal Filler might provide the alternative.

How’s That Possibly Work?

This might seem like an odd solution. After all, if the issue is that there’s too much fat under the eye, why would you use filler — something that adds volume?

The answer is that it’s a matter of framing. Filler adds volume to the cheeks which then create a smoother gradient down to your eyes. Remember that we assess faces holistically, checking for symmetry, checking for that smooth gradient.

What ends up happening is that fuller cheeks will frame your face better — and the bagginess under the eyes smooths out more naturally into the cheeks.

It’s counterintutiive, but it works. And the best part about it is that it’s a non-surgical method, unlike a blepharoplasty.

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