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The weather is hot and you can be too with the support of your favorite dermatologists! That’s right, today we are highlighting our top derm-approved summer skincare in Reston VA just for you!

SPF, Baby!

SPF is the most important product you should be applying every single day. Be sure to look out for a broad-spectrum sunscreen containing at least an SPF of 30.

You should apply your sunscreen on any skin that may be exposed to the sun, especially your face, hands, feet, ears, lips, arms and legs.

Remember- when you apply sunscreen is crucial! Make sure you slab that stuff on at the end of your morning routine and that you reapply every few hours to fully protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Lightweight Skincare Products

The summer sun plays a big role in bringing more moisture to your skin so it’s time to ditch your heavy winter cleansers and moisturizers for lightweight alternatives.

However, don’t let that extra moisture in the air fool you. You should never skip your moisturizer after cleansing!

Vitamin C

If you haven’t already found a great Vitamin C serum, now is the time. Vitamin C works overtime to protect your skin by preventing pigmentation concerns, addressing wrinkles and even helping your skin produce collagen.

Noncomedogenic Makeup

Keep an eye on your labels to make sure that your makeup and other skincare products are noncomedogenic which means that they don’t contain ingredients that can plug your pores.

Shady Lady

Last but not least, don’t forget to leave your home without a hat to protect your gorgeous skin against the sun!

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