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Botox is perhaps the most recognizable beauty treatment name in the industry, however many don’t know just how to find the best Botox in Great Falls, VA. 

The person and place you go to for your Botox injections can be the difference between gorgeous results, or a botched job. 

Consider Cost

While price should be a determinant in where you go for your Botox injections, it should not be the deciding factor. 

Bargain sites can provide a compelling option for a cheap session, however, it is important to consider that in many cases you get what you pay for. 

Unfortunately, there have been so many reports of patients going to get their “cheap” injections, just to find out that they are receiving counterfeit product by an unexperienced injector which can lead to catastrophic results. 

Similarly, there is no need to go to an injector where they price gouge you for all your worth. 

Know Your Number

Speak to your injector about their anticipated units used for your injection session. 

Generally, you can expect somewhere around 25 units for the eyebrow area, and 14-18 units for the crow’s feet. 

If your doctor seems to expect a significantly higher number of units, you may be at risk of over injection which can have you walking away looking frozen and fake. 

Get Credentials

It is wise to meet with your doctor ahead of time to view before-and-after pictures of their past patients. 

This can give you a good idea of what results to expect. 

Additionally, this is a great time to get a feel for your doctor’s experience level with Botox and to view any credentials to prove that they are qualified and highly trained to treat you.  

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