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If you have recently visited a dermatologist you no double are curious about the benefits of medical grade skincare near me.

But, what is medical grade skincare, and what makes it so great? Learn the answer, below.

What is Medical Grade Skincare?

Medical grade skincare products are highly concentrated and thus are capable of reaching deep within the skin.

Because of the nature of these products, they can only be recommended and sold by a dermatology professional.

Why Are Medical Grade Products Better Than OTC?

OTC or over the counter products are regulated to contain only a certain amount of ingredients and because of this, they do not reach deep within the skin.

Because of this, medical grade products are considered to be more effective as they not only contain more of what is helping your skin, but because they can get deeper within the skin for optimal results.

Proven Formulas

In addition to having more active ingredient that reaches deeper within the skin, medical skincare is designed using proven formulas that were developed at a higher standard to deliver results for common medical issues.

Less is More

As noted above, medical grade skincare products reach deep in the skin to encourage enhanced results. As such, generally, you can expect less product to be required to achieve your desired results.

This can be cost effective when compared to the money spent on OTC products that may use more product for arguably worse results.

Where to Find the Best Medical Grade Skincare Near Me

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