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The countless lotions, potions, and treatments on the market currently can make it confusing to know just how to get rid of age spots.

However, many dermatology professionals claim laser treatments as being the most effective treatment for eliminating brown and red age spots on the skin.

Laser Treatments

During a laser treatment for age spots your doctor will apply laser technology to your skin to remove any brown or red spots on the skin.

These lasers can be used to deplete marks from broken capillaries, sun spots, liver spots and even birthmarks for a clearer complexion.

How Long is a Treatment Session?

Depending on the color, depth and size of your age spot your appointment can take anywhere from 15 minutes or longer.

Many patients require one to three treatments to achieve their desired results.

Side Effects

Many patients can expect the treatment area to be red or bruised for a week or two after their laser treatment.

Other side effects include hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

Post Treatment Care

For best care of the treatment site you should avoid sunlight exposure for a minimum of six weeks.

Best Laser Treatment Candidates for Age Spot Removal

The ideal patient for laser treatments is anyone who is unhappy with age spots that have a discrete boundary.

However, the best way to know which treatment option is best for you is to seek the service of a board certified physician with extensive experience treating age spots.

More Info on How to Get Rid of Age Spots

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We offer laser treatments for our patients interested in addressing unwanted age spots on the skin.

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