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In order for men to customize their skincare routine, they must first identify their skin type as sensitive skin (may sting or burn after product use), normal skin (clear and not sensitive), dry skin (itchy, flaky, or rough), oily skin (shiny and acne-prone), or combination skin (both dry and oily).

Once you have determined which of these options best describes your skin, you can take precautions to protect, correct, and enhance your skin tone and texture.

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5 Top Skincare Tips for Men

1. Wear Sunscreen Everyday

There’s no doubt that daily sunscreen use is among the top skincare tips for men.

Each morning, men should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least a 30 SPF. This habit not only reduces your risk for skin cancer, it also combats UV damage and signs of premature aging like wrinkles and sun spots.

2. Read Product Labels

Depending on a man’s skin type, there are certain ingredients to seek and others the avoid. That’s why it’s essential to read the labels on skincare products and look for phrases that indicate if a serum, cream, or lotion is well-suited to your skin.

For example, guys with oily or acne-prone skin should seek cleansers and moisturizers that say, “oil free” or “non-comedogenic.” On the other hand, gentler products that are noted to be “unscented” or “fragrance-free” are ideal for men with sensitive skin.

3. Cleansing is Key

One of the top skincare tips for men is daily cleansing. This means washing your face with a cleanser and lukewarm water rather than a bar of soap. It’s especially important to cleanse following exercise or any other activity that induces perspiration.

4. Moisturizing is a Must

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. By moisturizing after showering and shaving, men help lock in water and keep skin looking supple and youthful.

5. Shave with Care

To ensure a successful shave, select the razor blade that’s right for your hair and skin type.

You should also prep your skin prior to shaving. This includes wetting skin and hair, which helps soften it, and applying a moisturizing shaving cream.

Finally, avoid holding skin taut and take care to shave in the direction of hair growth.

Learn More About the Top Skincare Tips for Men

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