If you’re looking for that natural pout through cosmetic treatment, you might be interested in knowing exactly what the benefits of lip augmentation are.

Fuller lips, and a great pout surely–but there’s more to what makes dermal fillers so great, and the lips are no exception.

1. That Pout, of Course

Not everyone is born with full lips. And for those born with thin lips, looking for a slightly sultrier and more noticeable pout, lip filler is of course the way to go.

2. The Pout Looks Natural

More importantly, it’s not just any pout. It’s a subtle upgrade to your lips that those around you won’t even notice you got lip filler.

Natural is the most popular word in cosmetic treatment for a reason. When you do your consultation, a holistic assessment is conducted to figure out exactly how to proportion your pout in the frame of your face.

3. Your Lip Augmentation Can Be Done Gradually

Another reason that lip augmentation is so effective is that filler can be added in discrete amounts — until you figure out exactly where it looks best. It’s not a binary all-or-nothing deal. Everytime you go in for maintenance for your lip augmentation, you can assess whether you might want to add more filler or stay where you are.

4. Lip Filler Is Safe

Lip augmentation has virtually no side effects. Besides that, it’s totally reversible, and wears off over time anyway — so, if you don’t like your new lips all you need to do is wait them out.

5. Recovery Is Fast

There’s a reason injectables are considered a lunch procedure. You’ll be in and out of the clinic by the end of your lunch break — with a new set of lips, and no real downtime.

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